Birth photography isn’t for everyone. It’s not for the modest. It’s not for the private. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s for the woman who wants to see what it was like when her body went through the miracle of birth. It’s for a family who wants to capture the most important “first” on camera. The first time you laid eyes on your baby. The first time your little one took a breath of air. The first time you held them. The first time they breastfed.

There’s so much more to photograph than just the actual birth itself. It’s a priceless photo of your Mom brushing your hair out of your face. It’s your white knuckles as you squeeze your husband’s hand and bring your baby earth-side. It’s your oldest son’s expression as he holds his new little sister.

If you’re on the fence… I hope my images will change your mind.

You will never regret photographing the day that changed your life forever.